Caribbean gangsters gave battle (12 photos)

Last night, returning home with a friend in the car, while 10 pm, in general struck the wheel stopped to change. Not a soul around, the road goes along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean on all sides only pastures. Put the spare tire, tighten the bolts, then drove up on a motorcycle two gainyantsev, said hello, asked not need any help. Politely refused, saying that the wheel has changed, they said goodbye and went back to the bike. We sit in the car, only have time to close the door in the open window put your hand and puts his throat hefty knife is something in the likeness of a small machete (not flat and horizontal, resting the end of the blade in the Adam's apple), directly on the machine click on the button lock the doors, and then teaches his fist in the temple. With a familiar, who was sitting in the passenger seat, the same situation, only rested a knife in the ribs. It all happened in a matter of seconds. The attackers appeared just two Haitians who offered help. They began to shout, who wiggled kill nafig, more classic: money, gold, car keys on the base and out of the car. He tried to grab his hand, but immediately felt a little bit more and it pierce my throat. Then before I start to realize that if he did not take anything, then we fertilize neighboring pasture. Of weapons at hand is nothing, but in the trunk of a carbine, and the back seat in a bag Glock-17 (feet do not kick, I know that is always with you need to carry, but in the heat on a weapon is not particularly hide, and open carrying is prohibited, so and wear in a shoulder bag).

Meanwhile, striker with my hand a little oslablinet pressure and pulls the arm to the panel of ignition and trying to find the keys to drown out the car, and the keys are not present, only the button. He thinks that all the beam, the machine is plugged, will not get the gringo, it's time they dekulakize (machine actually worked Pts good insulation, even outside is not heard as the engine is running). Dispossession began with the fact that the striker tore off my chain, but when it tried to shove free of knife hand in his pocket, I started to act - with his left hand grabbed the knife right into gear, pedal to the floor, the car abruptly jerked from a place ( I thought they did not expect that the machine is wound, and immediately povyletali from the windows, and I turn around and calm them crushed or shot) but it was not there. Both jumped sharply to half the salon with one and the other, only the ass with her legs sticking out of the windows. I braked sharply, again thinking that now it just fly away, again does not work, they blasted their mindless Bosko on the glass, and again in battle. My partner at the time of braking deflected the knife and began to wet the face with his hand forward. I also managed to pull his hand from the throat, the attacker began randomly brandished a knife in my face, trying to put him in my brazen white face. With each passing second, I knew that was about, and he did it, because he had a free two rugi, izvernuvshis he stabbed me in the side, I felt the cold touch of steel and blood (in fact it was the sweat, belt deflecting the knife, I just ripped clothes and scratched the side, but I do not knew, began to think that all sailed) ...

It will ruin my mood, I decided to apply the death penalty for the attacker and sent a car to the side of the road along which there was a fence with barbed wire wrapped around the wooden poles. Letting go of the steering wheel, I unfastened seat belt, not to teach a pillow and a knife in the face, both hands grabbed the knife. Meanwhile, the car is very close to the fence, noticing this striker tried to jump, but it was too late, by the friction of the barbed wire fence with his start to break apart, never forget the deafening scream. He loosened his grip, I twisted his arm and hit him with the knife in the chest, but I tried to grab the steering wheel, he felt shock, then came darkness.

I woke up probably 30 seconds, the car ran into a pole with barbed wire. He turned to a familiar, he also managed to get rid of the attacker, I climbed into the back seat, pulled out a gun and tried to get out of the car, it was on all sides by barbed wire to escape through a window ran to look forwards.

Cobra who was on the passenger side to change the status of attacking fleeing and was already halfway to the motorcycle. He fired several times on the course, but did not get, however, he stopped, turned around, but it was tried to say something like get a foot in the stomach, fell to the ground, begged not to kill. At that time there was only one desire, to release the full clip in his face, barely able to restrain himself, he was already on the ground and without weapons. In any case, I kicked him in the ribs and head and ran to look for a second. It was then that sight was no longer for the faint of heart, hanging on the barbed wire pieces of bloody clothing and meat, five meters from the car found a torn piece of a mirror and a few fingers, even a little further and found the knife utaschennye mobile phones. Body was not there. He came up to the car, still trembling hands took out a cigarette, lit it, and began to examine myself - except for a few scratches at all lightly. Approached familiar with the crowd, near the American school bus stop with the staff of the hotel, they dragged a second striker, trying to beat him with sticks, barely stopped, then helped to call the police and explain where it is necessary to drive up. On the road and created a huge traffic jam, everything stopped, threw the car and ran to stare at the gringo bandits wrecked car and so they called them. Several people said they saw what had happened, and they will wait for the police only asked to kick the lying bandyugan, all types have already got the fucking Haitians. Naturally their request was granted. They asked why I did not shoot him, he's trying to kill us, I said that the inhumane shoot in the prone, unarmed man, was offered even to kick it.

While waiting for the police, he took the phone and otschelkal scene and the evidence (pictures can lay out, explain how). Found that the left side of the machine will go nuts, all crumpled and scratched wire, "a little bit" disappointed, once again had the idea to fill up lying "animal».

About an hour later the police arrived, cordoned off the scene, broke up all the onlookers, was asked whether all us normal, asked to remove the weapons, now they have everything under control and to show where the second striker, I have them on the pieces of meat on the barbed wire, of pale police I have not seen. After 10 minutes, we found the Haitian, I drove over the fence, he crawled about forty meters and hid in a ditch. The scene was like in the movie "Predator", a red mark on the green grass, pieces of skin, torn at the elbow arm dangling on some muscle and bloody mess, instead of the back. In basketball, he has definitely will not play because skopytitsya almost immediately after the collision.

Using wire cutters machine released by the thorns, hustled out of the ravine, and then went, accompanied by police cars in the area (local - polishes). So somehow Doha to the site, and only there we were asked to present a license and permit for the weapon, recorded with our words what happened, they said that if we got out of the car, they would have got killed because We saw their faces and the number of the motorcycle, also said that it was necessary to wet the second while trying to escape, because Now it will be a long time at his own expense to feed the state prison with them until the morning of paperwork for registration. They said that when the court contact. This is over, today will be a trial.

Moral of the story - be careful in a foreign country, always carry a weapon with him, close the windows and do not let strangers into the car at close range.


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