Airborne Day (24 photos)

They say that with VF Margelov this was the case. Calls, they say, he was the duty of the police department and said: & quot; ... Vasily Filippovich, we here in the city arrested two of your drunken paratroopers! .. & Quot; What Margelov told him: & quot; ... no, it's not my Marines! & Quot; and hung up.
It takes a little time, again in the house Margelov phone rang. The policeman excited, agitated voice says, "Vasily Philippovich! Two of your Marine, which today held up the police and brought them to the police, sobered up, beat outfit, smashed duty unit, smashed a window and escaped through it! .. »
And then VF Margelov said, "Yes! Here are my Marines! »


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