The new Russian weapons (5 photos)

Special armored car "Tiger-M" will be adopted by the Russian army in the first half of 2013, the spokesman of the Military-Industrial Company (MIC) Sergei Suvorov.

"It is expected that the armored car" Tiger "in an advanced modification of" Tiger-M "will be officially adopted by the Russian Army in the first half of 2013," - said S.Suvorov.

According to him, "Tiger-M" is fully completed state tests and refined according to customer requirements, including in terms of increasing the mine resistance.

S.Suvorov also noted that, despite the fact that the "Tiger-M" is not officially accepted for service, it is commercially available at the Arzamas machine-building plant, including supply for export. Armored "Tiger", in particular, are currently available in the Republic of Congo, Brazil, Uruguay, Guinea.

Special armored car GAZ-233014 "Tiger" has a 3rd class ballistic-board and stern projections. In frontal projection machine is protected by the 5th class.

Inside, equipped space for the driver, the older machines and 4 marines. There are places for laying of ammunition, rocket-propelled grenades such as the RPG-26, the radio station and the radio-controlled explosive devices blocker.

Axels car - 4 of 4, load capacity - 1500 kg, capacity - up to 10 people. Weight - 5300 kg, maximum speed - 125-140 km / h. Transmission - 6-speed manual or 5-Automatic.

BTR-82A officially adopted by the Russian army, said a spokesman for the Military Industrial Company (MIC) Sergei Suvorov.

"BTR-82A officially adopted by the Russian army, the corresponding order signed by the Minister of Defence had," - said S.Suvorov.

He clarified that the adopted version adopted by the BTR-82A with a 30-mm cannon.

This S.Suvorov noted that the BTR-82A and is delivered to the Army in Kazakhstan.

"Deliveries of the BTR-82A would continue in Kazakhstan, and other countries," - he added.

According to him, despite the fact that the BTR-82A has just adopted for its production at the Arzamas machine-building plant is already underway.

In the BTR-82 machine gun mounted KPVT caliber 14, 5 mm, and in a variant of the BTR-82A - 30-mm automatic cannon 2A72. Both options provide for and availability coupled 7 62-mm machine gun PKTM. Fighting module is equipped with electric vertical and horizontal aiming plane stabilizer and digital weapons that allow you to conduct aimed fire on the move. According to the developers, the efficiency of fire modernized armored personnel increased 2, 5 times.

In addition, to enhance the intelligence capabilities and effectiveness of fire on an armored personnel carrier mounted combined vsesutochny sight TKN-4ga (TKN-4ga-02) with the stabilization of the visual field.

To improve manageability command BTR-82 (82A) on the car radio installed fifth-generation F-168, the system of topographic orientation "Throne-1" and combined vision devices TKN-AI commander.


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