Dolphin with an artificial tail (3 photos)

Winter the Dolphin - the first bionic sea creature that moves with an artificial tail.
In 2006, while still a cub, Winter lost her own tail, landed in poaching trap for crabs. Completely depleted dolphin found three rescuers and taken to the Florida Aquarium in Clearwater Marine, known for its excellent veterinary base.
More than four months a team of 150 doctors and rescue volunteers treated Winter. Her fattening milk mixture and rubbed fish.
Delphine had to be amputated crippled tail, otherwise I would not have survived the animal. But move like all relatives - up and down - Winter could not, but only helplessly swaying from side to side. Therefore, veterinarians decided to make an artificial tail for Winter.
The history of salvation Winter shown on TV NBC, CNN, BBC, after which it became a symbol of charity. Vice president of the company proteziologii "Hanger" Kevin Carol offered to make prosthesis for a dolphin - in fact before the company's specialists have successfully made prostheses for dogs and even birds. But to develop an artificial tail in this case turned out to be much harder than expected - to work took almost half a year. Dolphin fin must bend freely in all directions, be a continuation of the spine.
Winter Delfiniha helps people by the fact of their salvation. Designed for her prosthetic material is now used for prostheses, which put Iraq veterans - many have very sensitive wounds that become inflamed from the use of other prostheses, but not gel. ABC's told a touching story about a 12-year-old boy who lost his leg due to illness, who are ashamed to wear a prosthesis. After he had seen with Winter, everything changed ... (just a few years of such cases had a lot of help to children)


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