Animal-welfare advocates held a protest

Yesterday the Moscow City Hall on Tverskaya animal welfare advocates held a protest against the return of the practice of barbaric destruction of stray animals in the city. About two hundred people came to leave the mayor's office in the Office of his address to the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov with the requirement to renew the humanitarian program of sterilization of stray dogs and prevent another mayhem on the streets of Moscow and euthanasia of animals in municipal shelters.

Animal-welfare advocates say in his speech that after making changes to the existing Regulation on stray animals, which allow selective destruction of puppies, sick, old and aggressive dogs to enroll in municipal shelters, begin again and uncontrolled mass slaughter of stray and lost animals. This is already actively practiced in Moscow before the implementation of the program of humane control the number of stray animals in the catches.

Such sterilization program has long been successfully operating in almost all European countries, including Eastern Europe. In Berlin or London shelters never sacrificed animals due to overcrowding and resort to euthanasia in exceptional cases, when you need to relieve the suffering of a terminally ill animal.

But Moscow officials continue to assert that the so-called "Irrevocable catching" and euthanasia (where the dog dies an agonizing death) - a necessary measure. Animal advocates are concerned that under the guise of the old, the sick and aggressive in shelters will kill all in a row to make room for new bombers. Administration shelters take all possible not to give animals new owners as long as they do not "withdraw" budget money to each animal. With the adoption of the amendments to the Rules of the money will be written off even on euthanasia and disposal.

Even in 1999, research by the Institute of Ecology and Evolution showed that a non-refundable capture and disappearance of the vaccinated and neutered animals from the streets of the city lead to an influx of dogs from areas around the city regrouping of populations and the growth of the epizootic risk. In those countries where the sterilization program, the number of stray dogs is rapidly decreasing.

All these long-known thesis with a request to prevent changes to the existing Regulations were set out in the appeals that the protesters left the name of the mayor.

On the sleeves activists wore armbands with the logo of the action - cardiogram line, symbolizing the life line.

Inside allowed one reluctantly, but people patiently stood along the walls of City Hall, stretched out in a long chain.


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