The psychology of protest Or a trap for personal development

The psychology of protest deserves deep and careful study by everyone who thinks about the goals and reasons for a long way.

In General, if you think about it, psychology is the science of the protest. We resist all, and life is throwing from protest to acceptance, from pain to pleasure, from the familiar to the unknown, from their opinions to someone else's position.

And even though we know that the protest involves the struggle, which in any case takes our resources, we are pleased to spend years defending their position, to feel their uniqueness and significance.

As we fall into the trap of resistance and protest?


The protest is the second stage of personality development. All four of them:

1. Fusion, or symbiosis.
2. Protest.
3. Independence.
4. The equanimity, or interdependence.

Please note that absolute autonomy in human development no. And can not be, because people are social beings and our nature any destructive separateness.

We live in the same way as a civilization of ants, simply because of human arrogance (which, essentially, means stuck under protest) do not see their addiction to collectivism.

So, we begin life with the merger through the umbilical cord with the mother. It nourishes us, and we are so accustomed to live in symbiosis, even in adulthood required from the partner of performance of parental functions of care, security, support and meet our needs. Which, of course, lead partner in disappointment, because he offered to take the place of a parent instead of its own, i.e., equal.

About nine months old starts the process of self-study of the world and for this we need to enter a protest against those who serve us, that is against the parents. In this moment of life the child says "I" and try to taste, the eye, to the touch everything that comes under his hands.

Ideally, the child should complete the stage of protest to one and a half years, but in fact most people (about 98%) did not complete its work until his death. Why?

Because the concern of the parents per child is so high that does not last to enjoy and relax their exploration of the world. The child has a parent right to an independent existence, because the parent is worried, or rather, does NOT BELIEVE that the child is not hurting yourself to do something.

Against this unbelief and organized a protest of the child. By the way, perfectly fair. Everyone has the right to believe in his ability to cope with life, isn't it?

Hence, it appears that the MAIN function of the PARENT — BELIEF IN THEIR CHILD's SUCCESS.

While the parent (in the mind of a child) did not believe in their child, the child will remain for the protesters. And maybe even protesting a loser. And it's sad, anyway.

First, the child will have to prove their worth, but to 38-40 years tired, because the cause is not in others, and the children's traumatic experiences. And after 45 it will give up, still indignant at the injustice of the world.

Appeal to psychology, esoteric, religion or politics, sect, or to any group through which to live his protest against unbelief in ourselves is much importance. Joining any group, it will be in their face look "perfect parents", which would have allowed him faith in himself. But since group members are not the ones who planted in him an injury, he will be disappointed in them and will continue the search further.

He'll be lucky if he realizes that his reason for the protest lies in the anxiety of the parents and the only way to get out of the protracted protest is to change the image of the parent in their perception. And for that we need therapy.

My article is not promotional in nature, otherwise I would have suggested therapy in the form of their training and services, my goal is to show the reader the root cause of its failure — stuck in unconscious protest.

Anyway, I think that my wise reader, after reading this material to understand the cause and effect of their patterns of fate.

©Mark Ifraimov


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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