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At the station "Exhibition" Moscow Metro until December 3 every passenger can get a ticket for one trip absolutely free - just do 30 sit-ups. The project - part of a campaign to promote healthy lifestyles on the eve of the Sochi-2014 (share come up with creative agency MOST Creative Club commissioned by the Russian Olympic Committee). While bloggers joked that instead of creative exercise subway time would have to learn how to accept credit cards, "squats per ticket" received approving responses from passengers, and even caused a stir in the Western media. Forbes recalled another 11 examples where the goods or services could not get the money, but for action.
1. Ride 30 squats

The device, which allows passengers to buy a ticket for one trip is not for 30 rubles and 30 sit-ups, installed at the entrance to the Moscow metro station "Exhibition" on November 8. It is next to the usual ticket machines and differs only Olympic symbols. The first passengers, fulfilling ticket norm, became famous athletes Elena Zamolodchikova, Alexei Nemov and Maria Kiseleva.
The machine appeared on the "Exhibition" in the framework of the project "Olympic change." Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee promises and new promotions healthy lifestyle to the masses.

2. Coffee in exchange for a yawn

In the summer of 2013 at the international airport of Johannesburg installed a vending machine that responded to yawn and gave the passenger portion of coffee. The idea of ​​the shares owned by the South African creative agency Direct. It was part of a campaign to promote not the most popular coffee brand Douwe Egberts. Set up a cost of $ 22,000, and the response was strong: for a couple of days in social networks had accumulated several million posts and retweets on this subject.

3. Burger 5 minutes watching TV

In summer 2011, fast-food chain Burger King conducted a campaign "Passion for whopper." The channel 111 of DirecTV Shannel clock showed spinning burger. To get a free whopper, it was necessary to look at the screen for five minutes. Distract - start counting from the beginning. And in order to check whether people clung to the screen, not just turn it on, it zadvali control questions. The brand successfully "nailing" of consumers to screen: this week Burger King has distributed 50,000 prize burgers.

4. Wi-Fi in exchange for feces

The original barter offered dog owners razvekatelny Mexican news portal Terra. Ten parks Mexico established an urn where dog breeders proposed to omit collected for pets excrement. The contents of the bag was weighed and share proportional to the weight of the number of minutes of free Wi-Fi.
Interestingly, in order that the boxes are not throwing some trash to each of them had been assigned an observer, which could also receive a package for cleaning the dogs.

5. The trip anywhere in the world for the adventurous

Go to spontaneous travel not everyone is ready. In readiness for adventure I decided to check passengers in New York Kennedy Airport in July 2013. beer brand Heineken.
Travelers are ready to play a kind of "roulette", it was necessary to click on a special display where randomly chosen country and city of origin. And to fly to Reykjavik, Ulan Bator or Cyprus needed immediately. Agree on a similar trip tourist gets a ticket to the two ends of your hotel room as well as money to cover the expenses on the trip.
Heineken is not the first time such an action carries. Earlier, in one of the bars to recruit Mexican beer brand beauty offers visitors immediately go with her to London for the Champions League final.

6. Coca-Cola in exchange for a hug

In 2012, the students of the National University of Singapore even had a chance to experience the joy of cuddling with a brand. Last year, in a building of the institution was established with soda machine that gave out free Coca-Cola in exchange for "obnimashki." The action took place within the accepted brand campaign, Open Happiness, launched in 2009. The usual red and white lettering on a Coca-Cola machine was replaced by the phrase Hug Me («Embrace me»).

7. Turn off the cell phone and get a discount

The owner of the restaurant "Abu Ghosh", located in the eponymous Israeli town near Jerusalem, decided to fight for food culture. Jawdat Ibrahim prepared to grant a discount of 50% of all those who agree to mealtime turn off your mobile phone and enjoy a meal and conversation with the satellites. Restaurateur hopes that outweigh the desire to save money and make the visitors at least an hour apart from writing SMS and checking e-mail.

8. Smile and help children

Charity fund Natalia Vodianova "Naked Heart" launched in November a new campaign. Now smile can be exchanged for a donation. Especially for this was created a mobile application platforms iOS and Android «Share a smile».
From the owners of gadgets is only required to be photographed smiling, add effects such as glasses hearts or bushy eyebrows, and upload the image to the gallery of smiles. Where will the money? For each photo 10 rubles list sponsors of the project.

9. Lose weight and get a bar of gold

Great motivation for dieters come up with the authorities of the United Arab Emirates. Dumped kgs, they decided to exchange for gold. Initially, each kilogram of body fat was estimated in one gram of the precious metal.
After five kilograms of "rates" increased to two grams. And after ten - up to three grams. Total to participate in valuable in every weight loss (the program was held in October - November of the current year) decided about 2500 residents of Dubai. The winner of the unusual diet became a 27-year-old Ahmed el-Sheik. For a month he was able to lose 26 kilos. As promised reward he received 68 grams of gold, which cost was $ 2700.

10. Bring the cheese and get a loan

Get convenient loan in Italy can be in exchange for the cheese. On the move in the summer of 2013 went Credem Bank, the interior of which in a short time turned into warehouses for cheese. In July, there were kept about 450 000 cheeses, the cost of which is estimated at € 200 million.
Loans with low interest rates the bank gives to those who leave as a deposit parmesan. The fact that the cheese needs to ripen further. This process takes about two years, during which the cheese-makers can continue their production through favorable credit programs. If for some reason the manufacturer will not be able to pay the loan on time, it will become the property of the bank's cheese continue to be sold.

11. Pizza for good study

Better pizza can only be free pizza. In the US one of the city Greenville pizza with September 2013 carries out the action on the exchange of fives for their products. During the "five" do not give the whole, but only a slice of pizza. School children have the chance to get a whole and at a time: you have to read the Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln's heart. Finally, for homework will receive a discount of 35% on the entire range.

12. Pass butts money

Authorities in conjunction with the Vancouver specializing in the recycling company TerraCycle, in November 2013 launched a project for the processing of cigarette butts. On the streets of the city set up more than a hundred special boxes where you want to throw away cigarette butts, and offered to take the trash to collection points. Cigarette butts are not collected for recycling, and processing and manufacturing of these pallets for diapers and tobacco compost.
Smokers motivated to take cigarette butts, offering in exchange points of charitable programs or even real money. 450 grams, for example, accrued 100 points or charity is given 1 Canadian dollar.



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