Preparing for the prose of life

Very often, in the summer, when the son was still a baby we sent him to the village with my grandparents. They, of course, there was some animals.
And if there is a cow or pigs, he did not show much interest, here hens liked to pour grain treat breadcrumbs.
But that is nothing unusual. Sometimes my grandfather had to cut off the head and the cockerel.
That would not injure the child's psyche, the grandmother tried to take away the granddaughter somewhere else away from this spectacle.
But sooner or later have to be like that prepare the child for the prose of life. That's grandfather so carefully from afar and wondered.
 - Sasha, tell me, that sometimes you want to eat svininki or chicken soup to taste. Here you could, would behead a chicken?
 - No grandfather, I can not. I have a small ax not put ...


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