The enterprising lad

In our glorious city of E-burg has a mechanical engineering company. TRANSMASH they call. So he turned for many years - a round-the anniversary date, almost 200 years.

By this decided to plant themselves show - near the administrative building, near the center of town, next to TYuZom exhibited samples of their products - the military and polugrazhdanskie machines: minelayer, minesweeper based on the tank, there is something else, and ACS (self-propelled artillery, word howitzer on the tracks - a great car!) And since this trade fair has been close to the children's theater, is willing to climb and touch these "things" were many. So, rubs pants lad of six of the howitzer, and says:
 - Dad! Buy MNE eschu one such! What dad broadcasts:
 - Nat, Bagrat, will not offer large, why have you sold all his Gorik, and where all the planes? ..
P. S:
 - It turned out it was a collection of children's models! But I did not immediately kerf!


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