School BL.D.

Our usual family: mom, dad, grandmother, daughter and son. Son - seventh grader, walks on Sundays in mathematical school, and his daughter is still in elementary school, so the output has a different game - Institute for Noble Maidens.

Yes, it happens sometimes. There are girls 10-12 years old are taught needlework, noble manners and other useful things (like how to put an enema - is also necessary). And yesterday they had a first lesson of the French Language Society. Girl long tried to play on the French phrase, which they rehearsed, but Dad (shprehayuschy this parizhanskoy Move) did not understand what she says. Then the child (now with tears) goes for his tetradochku in which this phrase is written. Pope in mild irritation takes a notebook, reading, closes a notebook, looking at the cover - and begins to laugh wildly. At the same time he moans and can only say:
 - Now it's called?
Dad just died of laughter, lying on the table with unfinished tea and wiping away tears. We have to pick up his notebook. It reads: "pupil Alexander such a class 3rd, BC school. D. "The whole evening dad could not calm down and tried to find out from the child, which is a school girl walks.


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