Choosing dresses

I have a goddaughter - a wonderful girl four years. It would seem that for four years - a cute childhood dolls, sweeties, soft toys ... Dudka - a woman, but smaller in size, and this only gets worse, because it is not just a small woman, she concentrated in a small volume.
Notes on her birthday weekend. My parents bought for the holiday dress of yellow color, print it out in the morning, and solemnly handed. Dress with lace, ruffles and everything attached to festive children's dresses. Dress up and be happy. But no - I do not want, says his dress. The color is not the same. Pink color I want. Dad takes off, running to the store, changing to pink resort home. Dress in pink, again not. Shoulders open in a dress:
 - How?! I will bare shoulders in pink? Do not go. Now, if I were in the red, then it would be more thought. And no.
But we persuaded by blackmail - threatened that his brother will wear a dress, and then he would get all the presents.


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