Psychology of Management

Son 3 years, as all children do not eat. Home mom with a belt forces in the kindergarten teachers complain. The meal always goes with tears.
That is because a woman !!! Do not they read Robert Cialdini "Management Psychology»!
Mom went to the session with her son stayed together. In the morning we go to the garden, its time to talk to insert the phrase:
 - Eat a well in the garden, at home there is nothing.
I thought I turned a deaf ear. In the evening, the nurse said:
 - Good for you, even a supplement asked.
When they went home, conversations were only about food:
 - Dad, what are we going to eat?
 - Nothing, you're in the garden already eaten.
 - I still want the house was the soup, my mother cooked !! ??
 - For all I ate.
When they came home, the first thing the child climbed into the refrigerator.
 - Dad, but we still have eggs !!!
 - One will be enough? (and close the refrigerator)
 - No, (takes two)
 - A potato will?
 - I will, I will.
So much he had ever ate.
However, my mother came back - again began whims of the table.
I'll still give it read Robert Cialdini.


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