Where do you live?

We go, we somehow a little boy (he was 3 years old) in a minibus. Seats as always no. But one man agreed to take the child on her knees. And to brighten up a dangerous and unpredictable way, they led an interesting conversation that listened to all the passengers and the driver, too. "What's your name?" And "How many years?" Skip.
 - And where do you live? - Entered the next question
 - And you? - Said the son.
Here a man for a long time (about 5 minutes) and begins to describe in detail where he lives. Since all the stops that we have to travel, ending accurate pedestrian route from the bus stop to the house with the names of all more or less familiar to all citizens landmarks. And this has already finished all podnadoevshy monologue he asked.
 - Well, I told you where I live. And now you tell me where you live?
 - And I'm home!


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