Come up with the same

Meeting with a young son (he is one and a half years). Not far from us is a woman, and when-and-so istalno looking at us. I examined myself, examined the baby - there are no flaws in clothes not found.

Became proud of what we have here is beautiful, just do not take the eye. Proud and play with small, about a woman forgotten already. And it is about us - not at all. In the midst of turmoil, when I almost pulled the finger overbearing baby of your own ear, I feel like someone taps me on the shoulder. Turn - she said. Looks at the kid and says:
 - The longer you look, the more amazed at how much your child like my husband.
Laughing behind my husband. It turns out, came about 10 minutes ago and watched us play. Pause. The woman stared it considers and provides continued:
 - Yes, and you too.


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