Between the legs

Talk friends on the bus: "... I've been last week two o'clock rulila under the watchful eyes of her husband. Studied and switch to get under way. Nothing learned. Nothing here is not special. I really liked, but very scary when towards the bend car rides. It seems that she goes straight for me. And children are very scared ... they jump on the road !!! In different directions !!! A more terrible railroad tracks. I stalled on them, and I was making the rounds of the car and all drivers were smiling, but without mockery, oddly enough. And the worst thing - it's cats and dogs, which will run to nowhere. And still there in the car three pedals, and for some reason my husband all the time yelling in my ear, "Remember! Brake between his legs! Remember! "To which I replied:" Maybe you have between your legs, and brake, and I definitely something else ... "


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