The evening was dark, I go home. Crossroads, six lanes, traffic
Intensive, tipsy lady suits, asking for help to transfer to another
side. What conversation - helped. Along the way, it turns out: corporate party, there was no escort, and asked to help overcome the second intersection and park. I decided to play the gentleman. Before you make us march, the lady asked, not whether I'm going to rape her.
My sincere representation or an oath, apparently it is not very reassured, t. To. In every dark spot of the park before being overcome, asked the same question. It is, in principle, everything was what we talked about all the way. What a relief, I sighed at her home. Next: staircase, lift, loading, what floor, loading without me, pressing me, the doors are closed, starting the lift, I'm out of the driveway and !!! frantic cry of the elevator at the 2nd floor "Bastards !!! OR NOT AND-s-on-Cee-Lo-Ba-L !!!!!!! "


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