Rather than face a canvas (122 photos)

46-year-old artist James Kuhn calls his creations "self-portraits" because it uses his own face as a canvas to recreate the works of art.
Pictures of James Kuhn - are characters from cartoons, fairy-tale characters, as well as drawings, which have to do with the author of the preferred food.
He is called a man of many faces.

Living in Michigan, USA, James draws inspiration from everywhere, including children's games and love to draw on all that is possible, even on his own body. The author recognizes that an artist all his life, starting with children's drawings on the oatmeal. "Art should not be a product" - says James. "It is a gift of love to sprouting. Art can be silly, funny, powerful and sacred. "

His work is represented in galleries for all to see, but the author believes that the sale of their works of art should not be the motivation that encourages us to be creative.


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