Strand Craft 122: yacht and supercar complete

Strand Craft introduced the concept yacht with a garage for a supercar on board. The idea is not new: something like we saw in the performance of Sunseeker and Sunrise Yachts. However, Strand Craft went further than just leaving a space on the board for the machine, and creating your own supercar in the same style as the yacht. Work on the Strand Craft 122 is conducted in conjunction with Gray Design. According to the creators, will be built high-speed boat. The maximum boat speed of 43 knots (80 km / h) and with optional accelerators Rolls-Royce KaMeWa speed increased to 55 knots (102 km / h). The yacht will have four cabins with all the amenities, decorated in Art Deco style, reception and lounge for guests, as well as comfortable cabins for the crew. But the most important feature of Strand Craft 122 - specially created for her supercar. His performance is reported as follows: the engine V12, power of 880 hp, maximum speed - 375 km / h.


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