Ford Kuga starts with a blank canvas

At half-time interval of yesterday's final UEFA Champions League Ford Europe has launched its new pan-European television campaign for the Ford Kuga, worth $ 60 million SShA.Ford took the opportunity to launch a new campaign, created by Ogilvy Advertising. The campaign aims to support the launch of the new all-wheel drive car Ford Kuga, which plans to compete with the Toyota Rav4. The new Kuga will go on sale in the UK in June this year, will be sold in two trim levels as low as 20, 5 to 22, 5 thousand pounds.
Carmaker launched covering different media campaign in 21 countries. The total cost of the campaign 30 million pounds, 6 million of this amount was spent on the UK market.

The video, which appeared on the air on May 21 at 20.32 minutes GMT, called «Blank Canvas» («blank canvas") and tells the audience that from time to time need to change the old rules and start with a clean canvas. We are talking about the design of the new Kuga, Ford's which are unusual and uncharacteristic vehicles in its class. The campaign is based on the question "Who says we have to take routine?" And guess what might happen if the design ideas will begin with a blank, white canvas and will not be burdened by the fact that it was up to them.
The spot begins with a wake-up shots of a woman who then goes out and sees the whole city, from the asphalt to the roof of the building turned into a huge canvas.
Voysover: «We keep following the same old design rules. Imagine if we could start again with a blank canvas »(« We continue to follow the old rules of design. Imagine if we could start all over again on a blank canvas »).

At the end of the white roller on the streets of the city appears Ford Kuga.

The video, for the filming of which was used about 5000 meters canvas art, took the director of the "first line", the Dane Nicolai Fuglsig, selected Ogilvy Advertising, for his passion in your work and a bright outlook on advertising, for the ability to combine the extraordinary image and interesting history, captures the attention of the viewer .

The soundtrack, which is a merit in the creation of even more enchanting atmosphere - a composition from the last album the young French singer Samille.

Last year, Ford also took the final of the Champions League - to start the video «Desire», advancing new Mondeo.

The huge public interest in the match between Manchester United and Chelsea before the game gave the statistics of the channel ITV to the conclusion that the number of viewers in the two hours live in Britain alone could reach 13 million. The number of pan-European audience, according to preliminary data, could come close to 360 million people. ITV, Channel, who had exclusive rights to traslyatsii yesterday's UEFA Champions League final, earned a night more than 10 million pounds by selling advertising time on 250 thousand pounds in 30 seconds.
"In addition to the overall increase in the number of football fans, this event has attracted so many people that are basically rarely watch TV in real life. It's just a unique opportunity, "said a representative of ITV Gary Digby. "The market has paid what he paid. We are all sold out, so that the price of broadcast advertising, according to the market, were quite reasonable ».

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