Protection with a bow ...

Let's start with the fact that onion is a reflection of the entire universe. It represents many worlds and their multidimensionality. Pilled, onions has the ability to absorb and draw in all the evil that is in the room, as well as disease. Many housewives in ancient times never ate an onion that has been cleaned before and lay all night.
They feared that the bulb will absorb the evil influence, and it can poison a person who eats it. On this rare property onions and founded the "Onion protection." If fate has ceased to smile at you and you think you are to blame evil entities, or your enemies from among the relatives, work colleagues, neighbors around the house, then you must complete this ritual.
Take three medium-sized onions, peel them from the husks and hang in different areas of your home, apartments, cottages. For example: one - in the bedroom, the other - in the kitchen, the third - in the hallway or in a place where it is particularly unfavorable, that is felt discomfort. It must be remembered that they should hang strictly in a special way. Take a thick needle with red thread and it pierced through the bulb from top to bottom. Then tie a string looped around the bulb. The bulbs should hang exactly 7 days. After which they are removed and each is placed on a separate sheet of blank paper (without cells), sprinkle with three tablespoons of salt, wrapped in the paper and burned a bright fire hearth. Thus destroyed the evil scourge of harmful fluids and other negative phenomena. It is obvious that not every home has a fireplace with open fire, so you can modify several existing ritual. For example, toss onions, wrapped in paper, in the rapid flow of the stream or wrap it in a knot and throw over your left shoulder at the intersection of two roads and walk away without looking back.

The second method of protection with a bow

Taken three bulbs and cut Shelled not bow in the direction of growth, and across, preferably into two equal halves and placed in the room (about bedside books, and so on. D.) Cut side up exactly two days. If bother knocking at the windows, you can put on the windowsill. Ventilate the room during this time can not, therefore, have to endure an unpleasant smell, then onions thrown in the trash or buried in the ground.


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