How to grow early leeks

In Russia, leeks often can be found in the South, and very rarely it is grown in the Central and Northern regions. Here he is culture rare, almost obscure. And it is in vain, as this onion is hardy and requires little management.

The only difficulty of the cultivation of leek is an early sowing seedlings.

Growing leeks

The peculiarity of this culture is very long term growth to technical readiness. To start you need to sow for 6-7 months before the planned harvest. Here you need to pay attention to the annotation on the package of seeds this bow as there are varieties and hybrids of early, medium and late.


Harvesting of early varieties and hybrids starts in August.

  • Therefore, such seeds need to sow leeks from late January to late February. I must say that for the middle band preferred these varieties.

But can be planted late and leeks, because it is cold-hardy plant is not especially afraid of cold weather and are able to overwinter under cover until spring. In fact, it is grown in the southern regions.

In storing this bow behaves perfectly. Packed in boxes and stored in a cool place, it becomes even tastier and healthier.

So, sow seeds of early varieties of leek seedlings will need along with the eggplant, large tomatoes and peppers. The timing of the growing season of these crops is about the same.

Seeds all bows are very dry and require soaking for days in water at room temperature. This procedure will accelerate the emergence of seedlings for about a week, and in getting early harvest this time is well worth it.

But the seedlings of leeks do not require picks. You only need to distribute seeds to the square 3х3см was no more than 4 seeds. The soil is better to split into cubes, then to them, along with seedlings to be transplanted into outdoor soil without damaging plant roots.

Best predecessors — beans, cabbage and cucumbers.

Soil you can make your own by mixing peat with compost in equal proportions. If you use one peat, you have to add dolomite flour. The soil for leeks should be well fertilized. This bow can tolerate the application of organic fertilizing.

To obtain good seedling preferably at night to reduce the temperature to 14 degrees Celsius. But pour need warm water, otherwise there is a risk of falling of plants from black leg.

To plant the seedlings into the ground through two, two and a half months. The earlier the grade, the thicker it is possible to plant seedlings in a row.

From leek there is no bulb like onion. It is grown for the white "legs", thick bleached the lower part of the stem. To get a more long bleached part of the stem, vegetable several times per season need Spud. Therefore, between the rows of planted onions should be a distance of not less than 30 cm.

Pests. Leeks may be affected by onion fly. To deter this insect is well to strew the aisles of tobacco dust or powder made from the seeds of carrots.

Disease. Plants may appear white rot. The disease begins with the withering away of the tops of the leaves. Gradually, the necrosis extends to the entire plant. It is easily torn out from the soil. This rot — a fungal disease. If there are signs of his presence, the land on such beds should be limed.

It should also be remembered that the leek does not tolerate shading. If you combine it with the earlier cultures, then this factor must be taken into account.

As the cold this culture is not a hindrance, then remove the leek can almost, not until winter. When laying on the storage roots are cut to a length of 1 cm Also need to trim the leaves. They are shortened by one third. In this form, Packed in boxes and covered with dry sand, it can be stored in a cool basement all winter.

The use and application. Who doesn't love little cakeswith green onion and egg. Feather onion — the first greens in the garden, and it gives the patties with the stuffing the realization that it is summer, and already received the first harvest.

And the smell of pies in the house is the smell of comfort and prosperity, peace of mind and reliability of being. Let, maybe this house is not luxurious and not very rich, but baking pies in the house is a symbol of calm and stability and love of the household to each other. It is unlikely that the woman, being under stress, will take up such a difficult case as pies.

So, the best for stuffing, pies with onion and egg with onion is a leek. Its taste is soft and pleasant, not as sharp as the sharp taste of onion pen.

The leek is widely used in European cuisine. In Spain it is so popular that there's even a holiday dedicated to harvesting with that. And take him there in the winter. The whole village gathers at the table under the open sky ( it's Spanish winter). The Spanish drink wine and eat local dishes with leeks.


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The leek is not only superior to onions in taste, but also contains more nutrients. It has a lot of vitamin C, a little less of the b vitamins, many sulphur, potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium. All this is in a highly digestible form.

Leeks should not get involved only those people who suffer from duodenal ulcers and stomach inflammation. And the taste of the green leaf is so good that it can be used as a separate side dish.published




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