Smoke set on fire plants has always been used in magic and religious ceremonies. This method of cleansing herbs at home is good that you also clean the house and fill it with excellent flavor.
The simplest incense - incense stick it: it is a compacted grass (unless, of course, stick natural). To cleanse not any good stick, but only made of plants that have the property to expel pathogenic energy. These plants:

❖ AIR,

❖ anise,

❖ valerian,

❖ cedar (used needles),

❖ cinnamon,

❖ frankincense (Boswellia resin),

lime (used peel),

❖ lemon (zest is used),

❖ juniper (using wood, needles and berries),

❖ mint,

. ❖ parsley,

❖ rosemary,

❖ daisy,

❖ pine (used needles and resin),


❖ dill,

❖ fennel,

❖ garlic,

❖ eucalyptus.

You need to buy a full stick with the smell of any of these plants. What it will be a plant - you decide: the smell of burning sticks should be pleasant for you and your baby.


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