Unique Myrtle forest in Argentina

The Myrtle is a fragrant evergreen tree. He has a dark green, as if polished leaves, beautiful flowers. The Myrtle leaf contains essential oil, which is used for making incense. Myrtle was a sign of glory and deeds. Myrtle wreath of roses in ancient times was a favourite as a wedding decoration.

In ancient times, the Myrtle was an attribute of Venus and three of her handmaidens, the three graces. During the Renaissance, evergreen Myrtle came to symbolize eternal love, in particular conjugal fidelity. Myrtle forest is located in a unique national Park Arrayanes in Quetrihué Peninsula (province of neuquén) and Argentina.

The Park covers an area of 1,753 hectares. And the amazing Myrtle trees, 12 acres of the Park, their height reaches 25 meters in height. This is the only place in the world where you can see a number of rare trees in one Park. In General, there are very few places where there are Myrtle trees, and almost always they are found in small number or single copy. The bark of the trees is very cool and smooth, has a brown color. In the spring they bloom beautiful white flowers.

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