March 30 announced mourning day in Moscow, after the subway bombings

Tuesday, March 30, announced a day of mourning in Moscow. According to the latest data, the result of two explosions in the Moscow subway killed 38 people, injured more than 100, 65 of them were hospitalized. The site MOE has appeared preliminary lists of victims and victims - yet identified 22 people.

The explosion occurred at the station "Lubyanka" and "Park Kultury" Sokolniki Moscow subway lines with a difference of 45 minutes. Killed 38 people, more than 60 were injured. A criminal case under article "terrorism».

More than a hundred people came to the Museum of Mayakovsky metro station "Lubyanka" and observed a minute's silence in memory of the victims. Against the wall of the museum have been installed and photographs of victims died, hung next to the list of victims.


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