6 of the rules of success from Forbes.

1. Get the right priorities.
Under the definition of priorities meant a rational arrangement of their goals in life. This point - the starting point of all.
2. use resources wisely.
Here we are talking about is to have the most out of the resources that are used to achieve something, and as we already know, the resources need not be material, this includes a resource as the time, and he is perhaps the most valuable.

3. Stay focused.
Focus means sticking to your goals and priorities, focusing on the message rather than the background noise. Take the right steps to achieve their goals. That's all that matters.

4. Development of a right relationship.
Achieving any goal, even small, requires moral and psychological endurance. This means that in order to achieve personal success is sometimes necessary partnerships, the support of friends to overcome the many obstacles that stand between you and your personal goal.

5. Greed - is bad.
Everyone - selfish in one degree or another, and the need to make great efforts to overcome this feeling of greed.

6. Do not rest on your laurels.
Successful people are too much satisfied with their achievements, simply will not be able to catch up with the rest of the world and will be left behind.


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