Amazing house (29 photos)

Polina Raiko (15.05.1928-15.01.2004) - a grandmother from Tsuryupinska near Kherson. I have experienced the death of a daughter and the death of her husband several years suffered beatings from his son-alcoholic propyl almost all the furniture. When the son came to the colony, Pauline in 69 years began to paint on the walls of the empty house. Until his death in 2004, almost the entire retirement she spent on paint ...

After the death of her grandmother Pauline amazing house could just disappear. The legal heir, seeing little value in the original art was going to sell the property for next to nothing, especially not caring to keep the amazing drawings on the walls. Fortunately, this was avoided. As told by the activists of the Center of Youth Initiatives "Totem", which, by the way, and opened the work of Paulina Rayko house recently bought a young married couple, natives of Canada. This original gift to the newlyweds did to his own wedding with a specific intention: in the near future here will open a museum of Paulina Rayko.


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