The deadliest in the world caterpillar

In the rain forests of the south of Brazil are found moths Saturnia kind of womb (Lonomia). By themselves, they are harmless.
But their tracks ... In common parlance they are called "lazy clown." However, those who, by misfortune, touched them, it is not a laughing matter.

By branched spikes of these caterpillars summed ducts of glands that produce poison from a specific class of anticoagulants. He breaks the blood clotting, leading to internal bleeding, not only at the site of the bite, but also throughout the body. Hemorrhage occur in the brain, in the glomeruli of the kidneys to the development of acute renal failure. It often ends with death.

The scary thing is that the caterpillar is almost invisible on the bark of ordinary trees. So even if you are trying to protect themselves from it, it is not always possible. But the worst thing is that its venom almost 1,000 times more dangerous snake.

Annually from contact with the caterpillar holonomy few deaths. However, a dangerous period lasts only two or three months. And then the light appears harmless butterfly ...


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