Dangerous caterpillar kind of womb

Each animal nature has given his means of protection. Someone's a great disguise, others - sharp teeth and claws, the third - the poison. All methods of scaring and protection are countless. But it seems that the caterpillar of the genus is the darling of the womb of Mother Nature. How else to explain the fact that its venom has the strongest known natural toxins. After contact with the caterpillar that there is a lot of internal bleeding, and it is also possible hemorrhage in the brain. And what it is known to all ends.

Therefore, going to travel to South Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina, be very careful. In the tropical forests of these countries can meet dangerous caterpillar Lonomia Obliqua. And okay, if only in the forests, but because sometimes it can be found in orchards and residential areas.

People would have been glad to avoid a meeting with her, but how to do it, if it is well disguised as tree bark or wood moss, and it is very difficult to notice. The length of the tracks is 4, 5-7 centimeters. Her body is covered with branched spines resembling Christmas tree branches. Nature also endowed bosom caterpillar perfect for camouflage green and brown color. On the back is located a white spot, which is shaped like the letter «U».


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