History of miracle weight loss (4 photos)

Lisa McKay at 24 years to crack burgers, drank 20 cans of cola a day ...

And weighed, of course, is not really a lot - more than 120 pounds.

Buy tickets for two seats on the plane, walk a few meters on foot - already odyshka.No! See continuation!

Mother of two children decided yet on surgery to remove part of the stomach.

But the worst, she admitted, was to pass by McDonald's.

After all there waiting for her usual 2 plates of fast food and 2 cans of cola mandatory ...

Now she is trying to upotreblint 1000 calories a day.

Two slices of toast in the morning, bananas and oranges for lunch and vegetarian dishes in the evening.

Instead of the 30-th size clothing - is the 10th, the photos are all very well seen.


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