Facial muscles can be trained, as well as the muscles of the body.

8 exercises for the face - and the results are impressive! The first results are already visible in 2 weeks! You are ready to exercise?

1. Exercise forehead.
Place the fingers of both hands on his forehead. Ring fingers should be based on the eyebrows. Now, against the resistance of the fingers, raise eyebrows, pulling the scalp forward.
2. Exercise for the eyes.
Open your eyes as wide as possible, to put it simply, "stare" forward as possible. Then relax.

3. Exercise for cheeks.
Smile, putting his fingers to the corners of the mouth. Muscles of the mouth and cheeks, up to his ears, very strain. Relax.

4. Exercise against sagging corners of the mouth.
Tighten the lips between the teeth, mouth corners tighten up. Delay, relax. Prevents the formation of wrinkles and upper lip.

5. Exercise against wrinkles around the eyes.
Squeeze your fingers to the outer corners of eyes and strongly tighten lower eyelids. Relax.

6. Exercise against double chin.
Place a fist under the chin and, overcoming the resistance of the hands, mouth open. Then, resting his chin with his thumb, stick out your tongue as much as possible so that its tip pointing downwards.

7. Exercise for the neck.
Firmly pull the lower lip (without moving the corners of the mouth) down, exposing the lower teeth. If you follow the correct exercise, it will be visible on the neck relief of muscle.

8. Exercise to strengthen the entire contour of the face.
Strain cheeks and chin wide open his mouth, push the lower jaw forward. Severely strain the muscles of the neck and jaw. Relax.

Exercise regularly, at least 5 days a week, preferably every day. Each exercise should be repeated 5 times for 6 seconds, gradually bringing the number of repetitions to 20. It is best to perform this complex before bedtime, though, by and large, can be practiced at any time.


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