Skin Whitening in Senegal

Use of skin lightening creams and other cosmetics among Senegalese women has reached epidemic levels, despite the proliferation of medical warnings about how dangerous can be like. Dermatologists in Dakar believe that more than half of women in the Senegalese capital are now using these creams to lighten the skin, and call for a ban on the import of these funds, because they are dangerous to health.



Bleaching creams and lotions can only be bought at street markets and shops and pharmacies located on the main street of the capital of Senegal. In the photo: a typical dark-skinned senegalka keeps your photos with lighter skin, which she made after the use of special lightening cosmetic funds.


Dependent fashion image senegalki argue that a pale skin makes them stand out from the crowd, and the majority of Senegalese men say they prefer women with lighter skin. In the photo: a dermatologist in Dakar holds photos of some consequences of the use of funds for skin whitening. She says that people are aware of the risk, but continue to use these products, and then come to her with the consequences.


Some say that this fashion - a legacy of white colonialism, because Senegal - a former French colony. Others believe that it is simply the influence of fashion. In the photo: woman buying bleach at the store, offering beauty equipment and materials. Most of these funds - are illegal.


Experts confirmed that most of the products used for skin whitening, contain powerful steroids, hydroquinone, and sometimes even mercury.


They can harm the kidneys, cause diverging years of scars and even skin cancer. In the photo: the advertising poster with a model that has a surprisingly light for black skin Senegal.


We have all heard the promises that are scattered on the company's production of cosmetic products, - "you will have less cellulite, fewer wrinkles, more plump lips." However, advertising funds for skin lightening promises least. In the photo: a typical dark-skinned senegalka keeps your picture with much lighter skin, made when she was obsessed with the idea to lighten the skin. Doctors warned her to stop upotreblint drugs since she appeared unpleasant side effects.


And for good reason, as most skin brighteners illegal. Usually these products are selling ink, which for some reason (usually racially divisive) want to change themselves. In the photo: Senegalese girl models are on the Dakar.


These products are mainly imported from Nigeria, South Africa and Europe, where they have long been considered illegal. In the photo:-dependent fashion senegalka that a lot of money spent on facilities for skin whitening. She uses them daily.


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