Inauguration of the new Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin

On Thursday, October 21 at the White Hall of the Moscow City Hall on Tverskaya, 13 the ceremony of inauguration (inauguration) of the new Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin

Characteristically, all the participants were focused and utterly joyless expression. The entire ceremony representatives of administrative and political elite did not allow yourself to relax and express human emotions.

One minute before the ceremony went into the hall, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Chief geroy3D day Sergei Sobyanin. Medvedev said hello to the people who were sitting in the front row and finished with Sobyanin place between Pahmutowa patriarch. Russian national anthem sounded.

After the hymn addressed to the audience Vladimir Platonov. He said that in connection with the election of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin region he should read out the text of the oath.

The city's new mayor sworn read in just 47 seconds. After that, the same Platonov presented the new governor the insignia of office of the mayor, wished him luck and effort, and said that "it is one of the highlights of our ..." stammered and corrected himself: "... your life».


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