The most beautiful metro stations: present and future

The Moscow Metro, without exaggeration, the most beautiful in the world. 44 out of nearly 190 subway stations recognized as objects of cultural heritage, that is, historical monuments. But remember, with what this triumph began, and even see how the metro will be in the near future, in the year 2020.

At various times, such as the station "Mayakovskaya", "Kropotkin", "Red Gate" were honored with international awards and appeared in textbooks of world architecture as models of perfection of form and content. Incidentally, the first subway line "Sokolniki" - "Cultural Park" was opened in 1935. That's one of the few photos of those years, Muscovites go to work:

But first, of course, tried the subway happy builders. By the way, the profession metrostroevtsy in those days was one of the most prestigious.

Considered the most beautiful station "Mayakovskaya". Back in 1939, a year after its introduction, the plant design won the Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in New York. And this is the harsh Stalinist times!

During the war, the station was used as a bomb shelter. November 6, 1941 there was held a meeting of the Moscow Soviet of Deputies. It was made by Stalin himself. He arrived at the station by train from the "Belarusian". And here is the post-war photographs station, 1947:

In one year, "Mayakovsky" opened the station "Revolution Square". According to the authors, are placed in the hall of sculpture, depicting people and animals "new world": sailors, soldiers, miners, students, border guards with dogs and other.

In the 41st in the sculptures were evacuated to Central Asia and returned after the war. Many of them have suffered during transport, but have been fully restored.

Station "Novokuznetskaya" opened at the height of the war, in the 43rd year. The ceiling of the hall is decorated with six panels Leningrad artist Vladimir Frolov. It is made of dying of starvation in the besieged city. These were his last works. Panels taken from the besieged city on the Road of Life. It is noteworthy that the marble benches stations were removed from the Christ the Savior Cathedral before its destruction.

All the pomp Stalin Empire architecture has resulted in "Komsomolskaya". Theme here - the struggle of the Russian people for independence. The ceiling is decorated with eight stations mosaics of glazes and precious stones. Six of them depict Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy, Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, Alexander Suvorov, Mikhail Kutuzov, the Soviet soldiers and officers at the walls of the Reichstag.

Here is a panoramic photo station, made by one craftsman from LJ.

Feature station "Theatre" - sculptural insertion of glazed porcelain on the theme of Theatre Arts of the USSR. Figures represent men and women in traditional costumes who dance or play musical instruments. Somehow, out of 11 that existed in 1938, the Soviet republics are represented by only seven.

When designing the station "Novoslobodskaya" the authors would like to do something fabulous. And they did it. Muscovites station dubbed "underground fairy tale" and "stone flower».

Panoramic photo from the familiar craftsman:

Station "Taganskaya" share convict, singing group "Lube". The hall is decorated with figures depicting Soviet soldiers. By the way, during the construction of nearly demolished had interrupted the church of St. Nicholas. However, due to the engineers managed to maintain its craftsmen.

Here Soviet Photo 50:

"Kiev" on the ring logically devoted to Ukraine. 18 pylons station decorated with mosaic panels on the history of Ukraine and the friendship between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples. At the end of the hall - a large panel lines with Lenin and the Soviet anthem. By the way, one of the outputs from the station in 2006, was designed by French architects modeled on the Paris metro.

"Prospect of the world" is different from other stations in that city output are carried out through the lobby ground, built-in residential building. Hall lobby is decorated with smalt panel "Mother of the World».

"ENEA" - one of the deepest stations of the Moscow metro. Depth - 53, 5 meters, which is more than the height of twelve-story building. Minimalist design of the hall station diluted alloy round bars on the vents and chandeliers with crystal chandeliers.

Station "Exhibition" was opened as recently as 2005. And originally called "Business Center". But then it was renamed because of the proximity to the "Expocentre". Registration is done in today's popular high-tech style, using glass and steel. On the second "floor" of the station - photo gallery.

But one of the last stations - "Novokosino". Opened last summer. Here, the basis for design was taken minimalism and fashionable now gray-black-white palette. This is one of the first stations of the global plan for the development of Sergei Sobyanin underground until 2020.

Total in 2020, was conceived Sobyanin, will be built 79 new stations. The length of the metro will increase by 160 km in just seven years. Reach the distant Novoperedelkino or Hovrino from the center will be 30-40 minutes. 90% of Muscovites get the subway in walking distance. Draft design of some stations is already possible to estimate now. They replace minimalism bright colors and simple architectural forms - geometrically complex solutions. Time is running out and the metro prettier. Here are some of the sketches.

"Street of the 800th anniversary of Moscow»




"Lomonosov Prospect»

"Kosino Ukhtomskaya»



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