How to clean the head.

Want to make your hair always looked like you just came out of the cabin? Learn how to use your shampoo! Even if you have quite a common means of its professional application can significantly improve the condition of your hair.

The French say: "If you do not look, wash your hair." And this is something there. After all, a woman with fresh fluffy hair may not look bad.

1. Completely wet hair before applying shampoo. Hold the hair with running water for at least a minute. If you have long hair, make sure that they are well watered and back - for this section the hair into strands under running water. Water should not be too hot or too cold - you need to feel comfortable.
2. Squeeze a small amount of shampoo size of a large coin and rub it in your hands. Apply shampoo to hair, moving in the direction from the top and the hairline to the tips. Massage the head with gentle circular motions, covering the entire volume of the hair.
3. Before you rinse shampoo, swipe your fingers through his hair as a comb from root to tip to make sure that the shampoo completely covers every inch of your hair. Do not pull your hair, just swipe your fingers through them.
4. Flushing even more important than the application of shampoo, and should take twice as long. I recommend to wash the shampoo in the shower for five minutes. Try it - and after the first time you do so ever! If you do not wash away before the end of shampoo, it can lead to dull hair color and appearance of the scales on the scalp, which will cause the remaining pieces of shampoo and dried.
5. For the brave at the end rinse your hair with ice water, it will give them an extra shine. Cold water smoothes the hair cuticle scales, stimulates blood circulation of the scalp, resulting in an improved hair growth and makes them shine.
6. When drying hair do not rub your hair with a towel too - wet hair is more vulnerable and therefore need more care. Imagine that your hair is made of silk - gently pat pat and squeeze water from the tips before you start to style your hair as usual.
7. Remember that summer is not only the skin but also the hair in need of protection from ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, use the styling with uv-filter.
And of course, any final unchanging "dressing" - the application of balsam conditioner.


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