Processing planes at Domodedovo (22 photos)

Winter this year began sternly - first frost, and now fills up with snow.

Snow technique works around the clock. Creepy units with huge buckets and brushes sweep the snow off taxiways on the airfield and runways pour reagents.

If technical terms, the deaysing (or, in our opinion, icing aircraft) - a procedure for cleaning the airfoils from adhering snow and frost formed and coating them with a protective structure. If it simply - "watered plane dirtiest».

That is, if the process does not hold or carry out properly - you can see here in this wonderful documentaries. You can still remember the crash of the Yak-40, which killed Artyom Borovik. Try to explain popular. The wings and tail of the aircraft - particularly constructed surface, the shape of which is designed perfectly to provide flight (due to the pressure difference above and below the surface). If formed frost or snow sticks - form changes, aerodynamics and aircraft deteriorating "can not hold on to the air" - a tendency to stall. Simply put, the plane begins to fall. What other problems can happen - getting ice from the wings of the engine, or, for example, plastered with snow sensors that read speed, which result in incorrect / inconsistent information to pilots. All this is particularly critical during takeoff and climb, so the bulk of the related flight incidents connected with this phase of flight.

The procedure is performed, of course, not at the very ladder - there are few places the sea airfield equipment and people go. So first embarkation of passengers on board, and then begins taxiing to an open parking lot, where he will be held deaysing.


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