Fighting Domodedovo Airport with snow and ice

Recent events in the airports show us how great surprises weather may affect their work. However, while the passenger is indignant and languish in anticipation of delays due to weather conditions, flight in the waiting room, a large number of workers and equipment abandoned airfield that would reduce it (passenger) suffering to a minimum and quickly departed. Take a look what's going on at the airport while you call the administrator, require immediate explanation, trying to catch a taxi to Los Angeles or simply resigned to the situation are located in a chair or on a free piece of floor in anticipation of departure.

To deal with snow and ice in the Domodedovo airport has a fleet consisting of more than 40 machines. It has graders and harvesters of runways, taxiways and apron, machines for distribution of reagents, apparatus for testing adhesion of the coated strip, a platform for processing of aircraft de-icing (deaysery).

The working body of the snow-clearing combine.

Arrow deaysera, her work you will see later.

There are so many detalek graders that just asks what I would have them removed. :)


That is, this machine usually closes the "parade" of cleaning equipment and check the adhesion of the coating on the runway. If the ratio does not meet the requirements of processing is repeated.

The coefficient of adhesion is tested with the help of a trailer. Two different wheels on the same axis: it must be so.

Snow harvester in action.

And here I was invited into the cockpit of one of the graders!

Meanwhile, one of the runways of the airport is closed for cleaning and the column cleaning equipment extends its processing. Closing band will not affect the operation of the airport Domodedovo, as there is a second band.

"Parade of cleaning equipment" begins: the machine clean and blow away the snow from the band.

Sometimes that's because you think, not to throw it all work and even go to the snowplow drivers? :)

Snow cloud of dust.

This machine dispenses reagents, canvas runway.

Elena Galanova, the spokesperson of the airport Domodedovo. Her you can often see on TV.

And we move to the parking lot where the aircraft pending protivolednym reagent. Processing is performed immediately prior to departure, as it was at the time of take-off and climb a high probability of dangerous icing of the wings and tail. Ice crust is able to change the geometry of the wing, it will lose its lift and ... well, you get that allow a highly undesirable. Here for this and produce processing. Processing is carried out already after the plane went to the crew, passengers and loaded all the goods, that is, the plane prepared for take-off.

Here is Yak42D now deaysery begin processing.

Starts processing. At the end of the boom have special antennae sensors that would not damage the lining if the body touches the antenna, the arrow immediately stops, and the operator will be notified of this trouble.

To speed up the process of working two cars.

Protvoobledenitelnaya liquid is inside the machine at a temperature of over 80 degrees, it creates steam, especially enchanting staring into the dark. :)

Processed icing fluid aboard towed to the runway: the passengers can rest, icing of the aircraft is not threatened.

Of course all deaysing looks spectacular at night :). Treat the plane of Emirates.

This board of Cathay Pacific. In the background, taxis just treated Emirates.

Such sur.

On Emirates A340, meanwhile, is waiting for permission to take off.

Later him out, and Cathay Pacific. Also probably somewhere in a warm country where there is no snow and the need for deaysinge.

The airfield at night is especially beautiful.

In fact it was dark: probably see something like this in the dark, cats and other nocturnal predators. And when the camera shutter in a few minutes.

And a little more aero-surrealism :).

But it does not get transferred as enchanting as in life - the more so because the lights still flashing with an interval of 2 seconds.

Soft landings you!



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