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Sugar was known to man since ancient times. Sugar is considered the birthplace of India.

In different countries, this substance mined in many different ways: the Chinese did sugar from sorghum, Egyptians - from the beans, Canadians - from maple sap, and Poles - from birch, Lithuanians - from the roots of parsnip, and in Belarus - parsley.

It is in India have found a way to get sugar from cane.

For obtaining sugar cut stalks of sugar cane before flowering. Cut stems crush and squeeze juice. The juice contains about 18% sugar and 80% water. Then the juice was added to the slaked lime and heated to 70 ° C, then filtered and evaporated to crystallisation. At the moment - it is one of the main ways to get sugar. Leading position in the world in the production and export of sugar occupy Brazil, India and China.

Also, sugar is produced from sugar beets. Interesting fact: it was in Berlin in 1747 by the German chemist Andreas Sigismund Marggraf (Ger. Andreas Sigismund Marggraf) found with a microscope sugar crystals in thin slices of beet root, which led eventually to the emergence of the sugar beet industry.

Sugar is free-flowing, hard, lumpy, crushed, candy, brown, stone ...


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