Employees of the Federal Migration Service in search of illegal immigrants on the market

It is no secret that the events of a month ago on Manezh Square clearly showed both the authorities and the public the existence of serious inter-ethnic problems in the country. The result was the strengthening of control over foreigners within the territory of Russia. This primarily affected our former compatriots, immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Foremost among illegal immigrants - Central Asians: Tajiks, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz. They often violate migration legislation of the Russian Federation. Employees of the Federal Migration Service periodically test markets, crowded places, buildings and dormitories, and every time many stopped to check documents of people from Central Asia are illegals. Recently I was able to visit one of these raids.

The meeting was scheduled for the morning near the metro station "Student." It was known only that this time should be the object of inspection market. Already on the site revealed that this famous Dorogomilovka - one of the most famous and most reputable capital markets. To start a group of employees of the FMS was divided: some people go "exploration" to assess the situation on the "object". They soon returned, and the senior group described what he saw: "There are all civilized: a large indoor hall, several different departments, all sellers are dressed in uniforms, sellers of meat - a red fish - in a vest. Our customers at random people 150. But it is possible, once there is such an order, they are formalized. Check would not hurt. All we can not grasp, and we therefore one department, such as meat, there most of the black. "


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