So can the whole brain vychihat

We often ironic about manic Americans with their health concerns. But sometimes life, as if to demonstrate that the truth is still somewhere in the middle and should completely ignore doctors throws quite illustrative cases.
Joe Nagy, a native of Arizona, just did not belong to the number of people who at the slightest discord in the body ready to lie down in bed, or run to the doctor. Runny nose - well, God bless him. Not fatal. Does not pass - perhaps on the basis of an allergic. And calculate the allergen in our time is the subject of a separate long-term study. With such a "makeweight" under the nose Joe lived eighteen months. And who knows how many more he would have reached if it had not filled this valuable substrate prepared for an important meeting documents. It was, figuratively speaking, the last straw (more precisely, a waterfall).
Sufferer turned to the clinic. And it turned out that he had a rare case - cerebrospinal fluid leakage resulting in a slight gap in the lining of the brain. Since this did not affect his everyday life, Joe and not really pay attention to the "easy" malaise.
Defect eliminated. According to the description - the gap is eliminated by means of an adhesive made by nasal cartilage. A is introduced at the place of a special needle.
So the joke about the brain drain through sneeze only partly a joke.


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