Bus stops USSR

German Christoph Brummen rode a bicycle through Russia and Ukraine, and posted on its website photo stops. Here's what he wrote:
I can show you what impressed me the most.
Primarily, this unusual work of art in the open air. This - bus stops, waiting places, although I rarely met waiting. Amazing mosaics at these stops having the majority in the Brezhnev era. At the time when the Soviet Union began to develop rapidly bus, when the most dire consequences of war devastation were finally overcome.
Model for mosaics bus stops steel mosaic of the Moscow metro. Neither the Church nor in the monasteries of the time this ancient art of course not developed. The very same tradition is rooted in the mosaics of Byzantine art. Soviet mosaic roadside "Seating" - it's the same, but profaned tradition. I have it on for the first time, a writer from Saratov.
Officially, mosaic art was to serve the cause of socialist realism. But what kind of realism such, if it consists of small pebbles? Neither Marx nor Lenin did not speak about it. Mosaic generate illusions. Often it seems that it painted pictures, though cement pores between the rocks are clearly visible. This is not painted pebbles on top, it's colored stones ...


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