Stone mushrooms Utah

If you drive off from the town of Page, thirty miles to the northwest, to throw the car on an inconspicuous parking at the roadside and just a half-mile to the north, the winding creek bed, stumbling over roots poluzasohshih shrubs and falling to his ankles in a viscous sand, then you can go to the incredible vegetable garden stone mushrooms.

Here the Creator rested and smoked a little obscure herb. I do not understand how that's survived all these stones because they are made from conventional soft sandstone. So soft that the surface under foot practically breathes and nail leaves a mark on the surface of natural installations.

So, place Rim Rock Hoodoos. Dominated by two colors: sand and whitish-yellow and clay-brick-red. And the clay-brick house so that at first I thought that somewhere out here pottery. As nature is so clearly failed to separate the two colors to distinguish between them, to prevent the diffusion of one to the other, not to mingle in a monotonous mass of sulfur - I do not understand! As well as neponyat how these stone mushrooms formed hats and survived until our days. Hallucinogenic place, unusual natural sculptures, illogical stone structure.


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