Sandwiches "Ladybugs"

You will need:

Baton rifled
Red fish (salmon, trout, gorubsha, salmon)
Olives, pitted


1. Separate the red fish from the bones and skin, cut into thin slices.
2. Take a loaf, cut each slice in half loaf.
3. Brush butter each half slice.
4. Cover with a piece of red fish.
5. Take the tomatoes, cut them in half. Each half an incision is not until the end, so as to obtain the wings of God ladybugs.
6. Make your head at the ladybug using olives, cut in half.
7. Spots for ladybug done using pieces of chopped olives.
8. Put on the red ladybirds fish and garnish with a sprig of parsley! Tasty and beautiful! Especially surprising guests!


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