50 tons of weapons seized Israeli military

The Israeli military has unloaded a shipment of arms from the ship "Victoria", the day before yesterday intercepted in the Mediterranean Sea, a distance of 200 nautical miles from the coast. Total ship was carrying about 50 tons of weapons. Among other things, the military discovered tens of thousands of rounds of small arms ammunition, 230 mortar projectiles caliber 120 mm and 2,000 mortar shells of caliber 60 mm and six Chinese anti-ship missiles S-704 (Iranian name - "Nasser-1"), two launchers and radar missile guidance system. The range of the missile is 35 kilometers.

The ship "Victoria" came from the Syrian port of Latakia (according to other sources - from Beirut), has gone to the Turkish port of Mersin, and then headed to Alexandria. The Israeli authorities reported that the weapons sent to the Iranian regime for Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

"The source of all these weapons is Iran. The ship was on its way to Gaza through Syria. The ultimate goal of these deadly weapons were to be peaceful citizens of Israel. This axis of terror - Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas, with which we are fighting, and eventually we reverse this axis. This weapon is a further proof of the need for the blockade of the Gaza Strip, in order to ensure the security of Israeli citizens, "- said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


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