How to choose warm socks for the cold season

When preparing for the cold season, of course, you have to think about buying warm socks. It is they who help the feet not to freeze, and the person - to feel as comfortable as possible, even if it is freezing outside and you have to spend a long time in the fresh air. The main thing in this situation is to choose high-quality and dense products. Only often this is not as easy as it might seem, because modern manufacturers offer a wide range of goods and among the variety of options it is not always possible to determine the best one.
What options for warm socks do manufacturers offer?
If you look at the assortment of products, it can be noted that for the winter time, manufacturers offer the following warm socks:
  • terry;
  • classic wool from sheep wool;
  • from dog hair;
  • camel wool;
  • thermal socks;
  • from angora rabbit down, etc.
If we consider each category of products, then in most cases there will be certain disadvantages. For example, rabbit down socks wear out quickly because they cannot be durable. Woolen products are quite expensive, especially if they are made from dog or camel hair. Thermosocks often contain a large percentage of synthetic fibers and are also quite expensive. Therefore, terry socks, like many years ago, continue to occupy leading positions in the popularity rating. Moreover, they are represented by a fairly wide assortment. It will not be difficult to verify this. In the online store "Wholesaler" you can choose suitable terry products and buy small wholesale socks by going to the Premium section.
Why choose terry socks
To better understand why most people choose terry products, consider their main advantages:
  • reasonable price compared to other options for warm products;
  • a wide selection of colors and patterns - such a palette of colors is not typical for woolen counterparts;
  • high percentage of natural fibers. Mahra is, in fact, the same cotton, only with a different weaving option;
  • good ability to keep warm;
  • softness that guarantees comfort.
As you can see, terry socks are a really good choice. Therefore, preparing for winter, it is worth stopping at them. You just need to choose the right size and color. Also pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations for the care of the respective product.


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