Comfortable sock mask that doesn't even need to sew

Well, I didn't have anything at hand. I didn't buy a spare mask, I sowed yesterday's somewhere, I need to leave the house urgently. There is no time to deal with patterns and crafts. I already thought to go, but they won't let you go anywhere! To buy a mask at a pharmacy, you still need a mask. This is how I got my sock mask , and in exactly one minute.

You can, of course, laugh, all the cases, but we are law-abiding citizens in the editorial office of Site , and therefore we prefer to protect ourselves first of all, and only then think about aesthetics. But here everyone has their own priority. In general, we decided to share our life hack, and you can decide for yourself whether it suits you or not. However, the mask is pretty cute. There is a photo under the instruction.

Mask from the sock I say right away: the sock should be taken on a low fit and large size, so that the heel falls on the nose, and the "elastic" is like the upper seam of the mask. Due to the fact that I took ordinary socks and even a small size (I stole from my wife, I didn't have any new ones), my mask turned out to be cramped and protruded my ears, but together with the hat it turned out pretty tolerable. Here's how we do it.

Sock Mask Creation
  1. First, cut off the sock at the toe - we won't need this part anymore. When I did this, it turned out that there was a lot of lint inside. I can't say that it stopped me, but for someone it may be inconvenient or unpleasant. You need to check.

  2. Now cut the top of the sock lengthwise. Look carefully at the photo to understand how to do it right. The scissors show the direction, and the second photo shows what happened. The mask begins to take shape.

  3. As I already said, the elastic is high, and I did not dare to cut it, because otherwise the fabric will wrap up, and threads come from everywhere. Therefore, it was decided to leave the seam. Fold the sock in a third and make the slits as in the photo - these are the straps for the ears.

  4. After trying on, I realized that the heel dangles much lower than I expected, and therefore decided to remove it so as not to interfere. If the sock had a low rise, it would be better. As a result, here's what mask I got.

  5. Here's a mask I got. Probably for a child it would be just right, but for me it is too small. Well, next time I will use a different sock. However, it was quite enough for me to run to the pharmacy, and no one paid much attention to me. Working! Here is a photo of the mask, and below is your humble servant with it on his face.

From the Editor If your hands are not hooks (like our author), then you should have an excellent mask , you can wear it every day - no one will ever guess what you made it out of. We warn you: if you are not sure of yourself, then you should not ruin your socks, otherwise you will be offended by us later. Be sure to write in the comments if you succeeded in this experience, or even suggest improvements!

A sock mask is a simple thing, but it seems to us not very reliable. But it can become a pass to the pharmacy to buy a medical mask, which is by all standards. Be sure to take a look at this article, in which we will talk about tricky ways to wear a mask around the clock without discomfort and chafing. Thank you for staying with us!


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