Everything you need to know about the retail trade of underwear

Eighty three million four hundred eighteen thousand nine hundred eighty

Linen, especially the women – a product that is in demand always. One of the great even noticed that woman would rather give up food than a new bra. And because trade underwear is a worthwhile investment.

Where to get tourest several options of purchasing the goods for the outlets:
— work on the franchise, offering underwear from a known brand;
— buy from a wholesale supplier-intermediary;
— buy directly from the manufacturer.

Work franchise involves trade under the auspices and on behalf of the well-known and popular brand, that is, following the policy of TNCs, which will determine the range and price of the outlet.

Purchases of brokered natural way reduce the share of the profits retailer: the final allowance will be determined by the average market price for the sake of competitive goods.

If buying lingerie wholesale from the manufacturer in Ukraine, it can significantly decrease costs and thereby increase income, without increasing the price to the consumer.

How to make assortimentnuju and the most important thing to keep in mind, making a selection of store – quality. The key to success will be a useful model, tailored by precise patterns, beautiful, safe for human skin textiles and neat straight lines. European brands have a strong lead in this area.

The company brought considerable revenue, on the counter must have a full range of commodity groups:
— bras (moulded and soft Cup with removable straps and belt loops, sports, dekolirovaniya dresses for nursing mothers);
— underwear (panties, Tanga, brasilera, boxers, thongs);
— set (nightgowns and negligees, pajamas);
— shapewear (grace, bodysuits, corsets).

The same should be the size range; special attention should be paid to the sizes from XXL and more corpulent ladies often find it difficult to choose an optimal option, but it is done in the store one successful purchase, they become its constant clients.

Color scheme must include all the fashionable colors and combinations, but the assortment usually make the basic colors – white, black and sudovye shades – as the most popular in everyday wear.

How to achieve high prodavnice quality, rich assortment and reasonable prices – this is not all that is necessary for successful work in the retail market. Of great importance are the supply of the goods, its placement on the shelves and in the Windows, and the level of service, and appearance of personnel. The degree of loyalty the consumer has a direct relationship with sales: pricing flexibility, discounts, bonus programs, particularly in holiday periods, help to attract more customers.


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