What forms of cerebral palsy are the most common

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It is worth noting that not everyone knows that there are several types of cerebral palsy. Of course, each of these types have their problems and their solutions. The only thing you need to know in this case, timely treatment and access to experts, will help you cope with the progression of this disease. If you have any, any problems with the course of the disease, do not despair, and need to contact an experienced professional who will be able to rectify the situation.

The opinion of experts.
Most experts agree that the problem of occurrence of cerebral palsy, often associated with genetic changes. However, there are several alternative ideas, which in modern medicine, much has been written confirmations. For example, such problems may arise as a result of taking antibiotics while breastfeeding. In addition, the common reason for cerebral palsy, may be the adoption of drugs and alcohol.
One of the most common forms of the disease, is a dyskinetic form of cerebral palsy. It should be noted that it is due to the fact that muscles are almost completely atrophied. Despite this factor, there are several effective and quite simple ways, if not completely get rid of the disease, then at least to improve the condition of the child. The most effective of all these methods is to appeal to an experienced neurologist who can help you cope with many problems.

The most difficult and quite frequent form of the disease, is the atactic form of cerebral palsy in children https://sakuramed.ru/formi-dcp/ataksicheskiy-dcp. She is due to complete or partial failure of upper and lower extremities. It is worth noting that at the age of 2-3 years, with proper treatment, the child begins to walk. However, to keep the vertical position in this state is difficult, and in some cases impossible.

What to do to make life easier for the child.
To ensure that the children were able to minimally prepare for an independent life, without help, you will need to perform a lot. First of all, you must find experienced professionals neurologists, as well as the ability to use the services of physical therapy, to listen to the recommendations of doctors and massage yourself. All children with this difficult problem, your support is very important. In 70 percent of cases, it is the love and faith of a child brings a much greater result than just treatment.

Mandatory use all the modern possibilities that will allow you and your child to get the best possible result.


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