Large selection of jacks for private use and equipment workshops

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If the road broke the wheel of a car or urgently need to get under the body will help Jack. Such a device, depending on the model, easily raises the weight in 2 – 50 ton, that person is quite difficult to do or impossible. This will allow the driver in the field to perform minor repairs and continue the journey. IM Lido offers a device for private use and use in showrooms, workshops. Any presents Jack will help:
  • to raise the body;
  • hold it in this position throughout the repair;
  • quickly replace the wheel in the way.

The model should be matched to the weight and performance of the car. Of course, the preferences of the car owner in terms of operation of the Jack is also important.

Varieties of jacks
To the catalogue you can find devices with different device and principle of work. It can be:
  • rack and pinion design is among the most common and ideal for vehicles with minimal clearance; require labor and take up much space in the trunk; are divided into single - and three-stage, which consequently affects the capacity of 6 to 15 tonnes and more; can work in horizontal and vertical position;
  • hydraulic current model and common devices that use not only in the automotive field; divided into the bottle and movable; ensure a secure hold of raised car even with the weight; it does not provide smooth lowering; the presence of fluid in the hydraulic cylinder need constant monitoring;
  • screw – represented by diamond-shaped patterns; the device consists of three main elements and is equipped with a handle.

When operating any Jack, it is important to choose the most smooth surface with hard coating. Otherwise it is not guaranteed the safety of the lifting body.

The main criteria for selection
When choosing a model, consider the weight of the car and compare with the capacity of the device. The latter figure should be 20% higher than previous – to be "oversized". This is required in case the machine is loaded.

Keep in mind ground clearance and height of the device. Also the maximum level for lifting. Choose an inexpensive manual models, or powered from the mains.


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