Features of manufacturing of seals and stamps

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Seals and stamps have to be ordered everywhere, they are necessary for individual entrepreneurs, legal entities, institutions of mixed ownership, and it is not a complete list. Many companies to attract attention offer services to the immediate production that will be able to exercise during the day.


If you are interested in the process of creating stamps, seals, the nuances of the technological process, warranties, delivery features and pricing, then all you need is here on the site.

This business developed. For the first time companies providing similar services, began to appear in the 90-ies of the last century. The most successful of them that exist and still can boast the production of tens of thousands of different options. In very urgent cases it is possible to produce in the shortest possible time, for example, only an hour or so.

Profitable and practical solutions
These solutions are beneficial, it is necessary to take into account the competition in this field. If ordering for a certain amount, for example, 2,000 rubles, that provides free shipping. Other features:
  • The price includes the manufacturing of a cliche.
  • Modern possibilities is wide: you can order pocket, automatic, manual seals, stamps, facsimile.
  • The algorithm of cooperation worked out: it is necessary to fill in the application form, specify your order details, the terms. Further, the calculated value is the desired number of instances, customers get a guarantee. Pickup is available or order the courier.
  • Guaranteed privacy of personal, billing customers.

Convenient and fast
Sometimes people have no sample, but there is an impression, which will serve as the basis for manufacturing. You can send him a photo, scan in a good resolution, he will become an excellent basis for further work. Specialists pay attention to the thickness of the font size, character spacing, figures, logos, grids, borders, and other graphic elements. The research subject every millimeter.

Yes, if made exclusively for the imprint, it will be more expensive and take a little more time, because you have in a graphics editor to draw some elements. If you bring a sample of a completely finished print, then create a duplicate copy will be easier, faster and cheaper.



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