Which is better: a saw or a chainsaw? Define the purpose of the device

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Each owner of a private house, sooner or later is the question of the necessity of purchasing the saw. Even to make something simple or to cut small branches on trees will be easier with the use of electric or petrol saws. But many get lost in the choice and don't know which kind to purchase. That is why before buying you should learn about the advantages and disadvantages of both tools.

The power source and the portability of the device
The characteristic is the main difference between these types of equipment. It is worth remembering that power the saws necessary network, so buy this option is only in case of possibility of connecting the device to electricity. While it has advantages in ease of use, as with one movement you can turn on and off the instrument. The disadvantage is only the presence of the cord. A good option to use in a private home are considered: water-Zenit, which can easily cope with a variety of assigned tasks.

Mobility is the main advantage in the use of the device on gasoline. It allows you to easily navigate throughout the site, or even to go to the forest for firewood. Moreover, this option is a great solution for those who have constantly observed surges. The usability of this technique in the fact that it can be taken fishing or camping trip, and then not have to cut the firewood manually. A good option to use would be a chainsaw Echo.

The power and capability of
Among the positive aspects of the devices, powered by electricity, emit their compactness and light weight. But it should not be forgotten that they relate to household appliances. That's why you want to compare them with non-professional or semi-professional units, as well as domestic, then the size and weight will be approximately equal. And relevant to the professional equipment of the model will be significantly more powerful than any electric saw.

In the selection should take into account that when working with dense or thick wood is required to make a choice in favor of chainsaws, while for use on the construction site more suitable unit, powered from the mains. Owners of such equipment noted that systems have a gradual adjustment, while the petrol is usually bogged down in the process. For this reason, the slice is a more rough and uneven.

If you compare the length of the work, then the chainsaws simply has no equal. While the device powered by electricity, needs some time to cool down after 15-20 minutes of use, the petrol units can without stopping to cut for 8 hours or more.

However, when choosing such equipment it can be noted that the saws are offered with a longitudinal and a transverse engine layout. The first is more balanced in work and during the shape cutting easier to use will be the products with engine on the side.


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